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About Kevin


Born and raised up in Kibera he is a father of 2 at the age of 25 Kevin has been able to transform a multitude of children’s lives and also rescued several street kids who call him the Big Brother. His life revolves around supporting and helping his community.


Your Tour with Kevin will not only help you understand the life of Kibera residents, but it will reveal to you deep buried secrets of this rich multicultural community.


The tour takes three walking hours but its flexible therefore you can request to visit specific places that you may have in mind.

    The Objectives of the Tour


-Highlight the positive aspect in Kibera slums.


-To showcase the innovative solutions by women and youths from the slum.


-It gives an opportunity fast hand to learn about the opportunities and challenges the resident face and what you have power to do to help them unlock the tapped potentials.

Why walk with Kevin


– He is a respected youth leader hence your safety is guaranteed and you get a one on one interaction with him.


– The money you pay Kevin has a ripple effect to so many other needy people in the community.


– He is passionate about local issues and solutions to the slum problems and creating opportunities for the youth.


– For those doing research or eager to learn on specific issues he can refer you to the responsible person or offer a stop at the research Hub.

Victoria Bones

Visit the best recyclers in town Victoria bones recycles bones to make the most beautiful jewelry in the world its a perfect place for you to get a souvenir in the midst of Kibera.

The Power Women

The Power Women comprises of a hardworking and passionate women who make different kinds of crafts that their enthusiasm and passion will leave you longing for more time with them the women generate income from the crafts which they use to raise their families as well as pay school fees for the kids.

Future Stars Children Rescue Center

Home that offers hope and family for the lovely kids from disadvantaged backgrounds take your time to chat the kids for their stories despite of all the challenges they have gone through their smiles will brighten your world , the kids are jovial and will always want to hear stories from part of your world.



Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things in our life.


Kevin offers meaningful volunteer opportunities such as :


-Teaching and care giving of needy kids.


-Volunteering with youth groups in Business Development.


-Volunteering with women in Crafts Value addition.


Kevin helps arrange for your airport pickup and also offer you accommodation and food in a safe gated home stay. You will also have local support and you will be picked from the home stay walked to your volunteer placement and brought back to your home stay every day.


The whole experience is amazing and very enriching. Contact us now to start your volunteer adventure.


Cost is USD 700 per month.